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adolescent treatmentFirst Step’s adolescent outpatient programs provide personalized treatment times convenient to your schedule with minimal interruptions to your life. We understand you have a life outside of treatment and we also know how important the commitments you have are key elements of working a recovery program. Our progressive recovery programs are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies with an emphasis on Solution Focused approaches. We follow a CHANGE model that is future focused, goal oriented, and based on each individual's strengths. This is a process not an event. Of course we prefer an abstinence based model of recovery but we understand treatment to be a growth opportunity and not a cure so we define success differently for each patient truly individualizing treatment for you. Treatment is designed to help adolescents (and their families) gain a thorough understanding about the severities of substance use, thought patterns and behaviors that often accompany users, and what recovery looks like within the context of that individual’s morals, values and environment. First Step is focused on creating attitudinal, functional and behavioral changes so that a healthier more productive lifestyle can be achieved.

First Step’s adolescent programs are co-occurring disorders programs that are facilitated by dually credentialed professionals. We also offer individual and family therapy as part of our adolescent programs if desired and/or required.

Adolescent Program Descriptions

Individual Counseling – Adolescents who have individual counseling recommended will be assigned an individual counselor based on personal preferences, referral sources, client’s presenting problems and counselor expertise. First Step staff continues to grow in numbers and expertise with the goal of being able to provide a highly professional and qualified set of assessment and treatment services as well as ongoing individual and group counseling services. Individual sessions will be scheduled promptly within seven (7) days of your request and usually sooner than that. Emergency individual counseling sessions are also available if needed.

Adolescent Alcohol & Drug Education Program (ASAM Level 0.5) – This is a group session that meets 5 times for a total of 10 hours. This program is designed for adolescents exhibiting issues or experiencing negative consequences related to substance use but do not necessarily have the severity or medical necessity to be in a higher level of care. This is mainly for first time offenders or first time users that have experienced a legal, academic or social issue related to drinking or using but have no other history or need for a higher level of care. The cost of this program is $150 for all 5 sessions, or $30 per group.

Adolescent Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment (ASAM Level I.0) – Clients who have outpatient group counseling required by their program plan will be placed in group counseling for outpatient substance abuse treatment / relapse prevention program. Outpatient group counseling for adolescents includes a sixteen (16) week program that meets for two (2) hours in the afternoon from 4pm – 6pm twice weekly and is designed for adolescents who are not chemically dependent but who are demonstrating patterns of chemical abuse. Topics in this program will include but are not limited to criminal thinking, managing antisocial behavior traits, social skills training, peer pressure, boundaries, coping skills, anger management, and relationship skills. The second phase of this outpatient program consists of ten (10) weeks of aftercare as needed which meets once weekly for two (2) hours. The entire program is approximately 12 to 16 weeks based on individual progress.

mental-health-groupAdolescent Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program (ASAM Level II.I) A group-focused, nonresidential program for chemically dependent or substance abusing adolescent clients who require a more restrictive treatment environment that provided by the outpatient program, but who do not require a residential program. Activities in the program focus on aiding clients to recognize their substance abuse problems and to develop knowledge and skills for making lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a life free from substance use. The program meets in a group setting four (4) times per week for six (6) weeks with each session being two (2) hours in length (total eight hours per week) with a certified counselor providing treatment services. Individual sessions are in addition to the scheduled eight (8) group hours per week and are arranged between the counselor and client on an as needed basis. The second phase of this intensive outpatient program consists of stepping the adolescent down to sixteen (16) weeks of outpatient group counseling which meets twice weekly for two (2) hours. The third phase of this intensive outpatient program consists of stepping the adolescent down to ten (10) weeks of aftercare as needed which meets once weekly for two (2) hours. The entire program is approximately 22 weeks to 26 weeks based on individual progress. Intensive Outpatient Counseling can also be provided to three (3) or more adolescents allowing them to live at home, attend school, and work while receiving treatment in individual or group sessions. It is important to remember that these sessions may be modified or may be reduced / increased based on individual needs, treatment progress, and the counselor’s clinical impressions.