Our Team

Our outstanding clinical team includes a board certified Physician, Clinical Psychologists, Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Mental Health Practitioners, dually credentialed Mental Health & Substance Abuse Practitioners, and Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors. First Step also has a Certified Gambling Counselor(s) and DOT Approved Substance Abuse Providers (SAPs) for employers and employees who hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Each member of our team holds a professional license issued by the State of Nebraska and is an expert within their scope of practice.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide you and your loved ones with exceptional professional behavioral health services. We do not believe in simply meeting the standard, and customer service still means something to us. Instead, we work daily to set a standard for quality integrated care to help individuals create meaningful change in their lives. Dr. McNeese has had the picture below on the shelf in his office for years. This summarizes the environment at First Step and is the true attitude of how our staff feel about the opportunity to serve you.

photo 4

Our team of professionals care deeply about the work that we do. This dedication to a standard of excellence drives the services we provide and the care that you receive. What defines us is the culture we have built, the promises to staff we have established, and the relationships with patients that we have endured. We are resilient, we believe in change, and we want to help you.