Medical and Psych Services

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First Step physicians and nurse practitioners provide comprehensive medical services for patients. Individuals under medical & psychiatric care are often referred for psychological evaluation & testing, individual or family therapy, and other therapeutic services in accordance with our Integrated Care Model. Our medical & psychiatric staff accept Medicaid, Medicare, commercial insurances and also offer a generous sliding fee scale. They are knowledgeable in the use of both psychotropic and addiction medicines. As a patient our integrated electronic health records system will ensure you receive eligible pharmaceutical copay assistance programs as a standard of care. We care about saving you money. First Step clinicians work closely with the medical providers to develop individualized treatment plans focused on patients and geared towards most desirable outcomes. From initial diagnostic assessments to routine medication management First Step can be a part of your change!

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Scott Schmidt Dr. Scott Schmidt is a Board Certified Addiction Medicine physician (ABAM certification #2015397). He provides direct medical care within First Step's bio-psycho-social framework for persons with addiction, for individuals with substance-related health conditions, for patients who manifest unhealthy substance use, and for family members whose health and functioning are affected by another’s substance use or addiction.   Dr. Schmidt is also board certified in Emergency Medicine where he practiced in a hospital setting ER for several years.

Dr. Schmidt is specifically trained in a wide range of prevention, evaluation and treatment modalities addressing substance use and addiction in an outpatient/community based setting.  Dr. Schmidt offers treatment for patients with addiction or unhealthy substance use who often have co-occurring general medical and psychiatric conditions. As a key member of the health care team he is trained to coordinate and provide consultation services for other physicians and to use community resources when appropriate. Dr. Schmidt does not limit his practice to patients with addiction or other patterns of unhealthy substance use. Though his background is in emergency medicine his focus goes past his initial medical specialty to improve the health and functioning of persons with unhealthy substance use or who are affected family members of unhealthy substance users. Dr. Schmidt is currently accepting new patients.

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Rhonda WoodsideRhonda is a Licensed Nurse Practitioner who offers effective clinical treatments for addiction and mental health issues. Her services include a significant and growing range of
pharmaceutical and/or psychosocial therapies within First Step's multidisciplinary team. Due to the complex nature of addictions and their physiological, psychological and environmental risk factors, a multi-pronged approach to treatment that includes a  combination of pharmaceutical and psychosocial therapies typically yield the best results. This is where her passion lies. Because of the extent to which addiction co-occurs with a broad range of other health problems, Rhonda's passion is in overall health and well-being. Her services address substance use, mental health, co-occurring disorders, patient nutrition and exercise, and general medical health.

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Huong LeHuong is a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who has experience in both inpatient & outpatient treatment settings, forensics, substance use disorders, adults with developmental disabilities, child and adolescents, and chronic mental illness. Huong cares for patients of all ages with mental illness or mental distress, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression or dementia. She has extensive training in psychological and behavioral therapies, building a therapeutic alliance with patients, dealing with challenging behavior(s), and the management & administration of psychiatric medication. Huong provides individualized care which becomes important when she needs to get to know the patient. She sees patients as individual people with lives beyond their mental illness or other issues. This has been key in patients feeling valued and respected in her care.

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