Psychological Services

Immediate appointments available. Call now (402) 434-2730 to schedule appointment with one of our licensed counselors, psychologists, APRNs or physicians.

marijuana-abstinenceFirst Step provides a wide range of psychological assessment services which are often covered by third-party insurance providers or other entities. Normally our clients are referred by loved ones or professional agencies to complete the evaluation. Referral sources tend to be physicians, attorneys, probation officers, DHHS professionals, the courts, employers, academic institutions, or concerned parents/loved ones. Anyone may request an evaluation by calling First Step at (402) 434-2730 to arrange a confidential consultation to determine the type of evaluation needed for your particular situation. First Step offers five broad categories of assessment: substance use evaluation, medically assisted treatment & evaluation, mental health status evaluation, gambling evaluation, and a range of psychological evaluations. First Step staff have security clearance at all correctional institutions within 100 miles and we are happy to travel to the county jails and/or Nebraska Department of Corrections facilities to conduct evaluations upon request.

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are comprehensive assessments conducted by licensed psychologists. These evaluations are designed to diagnose and describe emotional problems, behavioral problems, cognitive deficits, mental illness, and a range of other issues. A psychological evaluation is designed to help describe how a person is thinking and feeling, and how those patterns may contribute to current functioning. Psychological assessment can help individuals, couples, and families more clearly identify the problem. This is the foundation for creating change as well as an understanding about your individual strengths. By separating the person from the problem growth opportunities are created. This assessment process helps focus on the problem and actually speeds up recovery and change. This process includes a comprehensive interview, psychological testing based on individual needs, and a feedback session to review the results. Specialized assessments are also available upon request such as child custody or parenting evaluations. Appointments for psychological evaluation services can usually be scheduled within 7 to 10 days if not sooner. Daytime and evening appointments are available.

assessmentServicesWe are privileged to have three experienced psychologists on staff with a range of knowledge and specialties. Psychological evaluations include standard psychological assessment, parenting assessment, child custody assessment, IQ and other cognitive functioning assessment, and a variety of other specialized assessment upon request. First Step does not have anyone currently on staff who specializes with sexual offender risk assessment, however we would be happy to make a referral to a community provider upon request. Most psychological assessments can also be provided at all correctional institutions within 100 miles. We are happy to travel to the county jails and/or Nebraska Department of Corrections facilities to conduct evaluations upon request.

Evaluation Results

In most cases, results are available within 10-14 business days. However, psychological evaluation results may take longer depending on the number of issues being addressed and the specific diagnostic tools being used by the psychologist. If a full psychological evaluation report is needed sooner than the 10-14 day standard for court or other mandate this is possible on an as needed basis. The evaluation process is used to create a professional diagnosis and suggested treatment outline. Patients have the option of reviewing the diagnosis directly with the reviewing psychologist to develop a specific therapy plan or the results can be sent to your preferred licensed counselor or medical doctor. Additionally, the patient can request that the results also be forwarded to their attorney, employer, presiding court or probation officer, or other entity designated by them.