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Dianne McNeese, BS - Send Dianne a message

Dianne is the Owner & Business Manager at First Step Recovery Inc. She is the life of the office and the heart of the organization. She believes in the strengths and abilities of others which makes her the glue that holds First Step together. Dianne brings strength, integrity, and an unconditional positive regard to the First Step culture. She has a solid belief in change and a resilience to overcome adversity despite the odds. She is a family woman at heart and loves to spend time with her grandchildren whenever she has the opportunity. Dianne’s faith and drive provide a solid foundation for First Step staff to change lives.

Sarah Bell - Send Sarah a message

Sarah is the Intake & Admissions Coordinator who joined First Step in February 2012. Though born in Omaha, she loves Lincoln where she graduated from Lincoln Southeast High School. Sarah can answer any and all questions about receiving services at our practice. As the Intake & Admissions Coordinator, her primary function is making sure patient's and their family members are informed and that all of their needs are met. Sarah's favorite color is blue and her favorite movies include Steel Magnolias and Dirty Dancing, (she refused to choose one over the other). Sarah enjoys spending time with her two children, being outdoors and she has a newfound passion for cooking. She knows the value of customer service and the unique ways to get things done for patients and referral sources alike. Call her now if you have any questions about First Step services or to schedule an appointment with any of our clinical staff.

Kushana Hutchinson - Send Kushana a message

Kushana is a First Step Front Office Specialist who coordinates your care in every way when you visit our practice. As a proud mother and someone who truly gets it she values each and every person who chooses to come to First Step, and she will go to great lengths to not only meet your needs but she will advocate for you even when you cannot advocate for yourself. Kushana is a truly altruistic person meaning she gains strength and her fuel tank goes up through helping others. She holds an Associates Degree in Human Services and after choosing to do her clinical internship at First Step while pursuing her degree turned out to be such an asset she chose to join the team. Kushana's favorite store to shop at is Maurice's, her favorite color is red and she loves to spend time with family and friends. Call or email Kushana now for more information about First Step services or to schedule an appointment.

Shahnaz Osso - Send Shahnaz a message

Shahnaz is a First Step Front Office Specialist who works with patients and providers to get all of their needs met day after day. She is originally from Northern Iraq and speaks both Kurdish and English fluently. Shahnaz and her family came to Nebraska in 1998 where she graduated from Northstar High School in 2014 then joined our practice in 2016. Shahnaz is a reliable customer service oriented individual, an exceptionally hard worker and someone who is extremely intelligent mastering new tasks quickly. She enjoys spending time outdoors, being with family and friends, attending concerts and social outings, and actively helping with Yezidi and Christian organizations in her spare time to fund raise and increase awareness about ongoing crisis and conditions in Iraq. Shahnaz is an advocate for her people, her culture and her beliefs and just an overall asset and great person for First Step. Call or email Shahnaz now if you want to know more about First Step services or to schedule an appointment.

Marie Valladares - Send Marie a message

Marie is a Front Office Specialist who joined First Step in June of 2017. Marie is fluent in English and Spanish making her an asset to our team. Marie is Guatemalan but is originally from California. She moved to Nebraska when she was 8 years-old and has lived here ever since. Marie has an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked in daycares for most of her professional career. She hopes to someday open her own daycare and would like to go back to school to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Education. In her free time, Marie likes to ride bikes with her two daughters, go for a run, shop, or read. Her favorite book is "A Child Called It" and her favorite color is green. Marie also teaches bible study to children at her church and enjoys working with kids. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys learning new skills and broadening her horizons. Call or email Marie now to schedule an appointment.

Safeta Hurko - Send Safeta a message

Safeta is a First Step Account Specialist who coordinates your care on the financial side working with insurance carriers and ensuring a seamless process for First Step patients and providers. Safeta is a quick learner and a highly reliable individual in First Step's billing department. She is the one on the phone problem solving and getting it right when payers get it wrong. Safeta is from Bosnia originally and is bilingual speaking Bosnian and English fluently. Safeta enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching movies (her favorite movie is The Notebook), and she is truly an asset in the First Step Billing Department. Call or email Safeta now if you have questions regarding your account or if you would like to know specifics regarding your coverage or receiving services at First Step.

Stewart Stinton - Send Stewart a message

Stewart is a First Step Account Specialist who works in the trenches daily coordinating services with insurance carriers making things happen for First Step patients and providers. He is a highly organized and dedicated individual who will stay late, come in early, and go out of his way to figure things out the right way. Stewart is originally from the United Kingdom (Worcestershire specifically) where he completed his bachelors in Sociology before moving to Nebraska in 2017! Stewart's "English charm" is great to have within our practice culture and he goes the extra mile to gets things done. Call or email Stewart now if you have questions regarding your account or if you would like to know specifics regarding receiving services at First Step.

Beau Sedlacek - Send Beau a message

Beau joined First Step in the Spring of 2014 as an Administrative Assistant to Dr. McNeese. Beau has a desire to work in the field of psychology and wanted to experience it firsthand. He intends to enroll in graduate school in the near future to further the skills he has learned and to pursue his passion, one day becoming "Dr. Sedlacek". Beau is from Western Nebraska and enjoys spending time with family and friends in his spare time. Beau enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. He also helps out in the front office and has knowledge of business practices and office functions. He is reliable, dependable, and a true multitasker who accepts any challenge and welcomes new experiences.